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Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services
Data processing services
Data processing services
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Even though we are living in a digital age, still many industries like banking, insurance and healthcare need to use paper for a large number of transactions. Although using paper is the best practice, paper impedes data processing, making storage and retrieval of data very difficult. Whether small or big, no commercial organization can do away away with the necessity of data entry services.

A2Z Data Entry has developed a unique data processing service that will process and store your data in digital or coded format securely on your servers so that you can retrieve it any time you wish. We have worked with leading international clients offering them out of the box unique data processing as well as data conversion services and data mining services at most cost effective rates. We can convert any type of raw data into tabular or textual format as useful information.

Our Data Processing Method

  1. Raw Data Entry
  2. First of all we make raw data entry with the help of over 100 in-house data entry operators.

  3. Scanning
  4. Then the raw data is scanned for quality checks and accuracy issues, mistakes are corrected and edited if necessary. Then it is sent for processing.

  5. Processing & Validation
  6. Depending on the type of raw data and your requirements the data will be processed i.e. it will be coded or converted into digital format etc. and it will undergo validation.

  7. Presentation
  8. The validated data is then further processed to present it in tabular format or any other format specified by the client. If the raw data is in statistical format then it is analyzed and interpreted before final presentation.

Our data processing services include but are not limited to -

  1. Forms Processing
  2. Whether online or offline every firm has to inevitably deal with some sort of form like Invoices, Vouchers, Medical Claims, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements and much more. One of the best disciplines of data processing services, our forms processing services can cater any organization for a small firm to a large multinational corporation.

  3. Survey Processing
  4. Most of the service industries need to carry out customer feedback surveys on a regular basis to study and analyze their marketing strategy. We have worked with leading national and international as well as local companies providing them with the ebst survey processing services in the industry. Our data prcessing services project managers are well equipped to provide you with one stop solutions ranging from preparing survey questionnaire to analyzing the collected survey data and presenting final report to you.

  5. Credit/Debit card processing services
  6. In this digital world more than two thirds of financial transactions are carried out suing credit or debit cards making it imperative to hire a professional Credit/Debit card processing services provider. Our skilled and technology driven Credit/Debit card processing services include but are not limited to -

    • Account management
    • Authorization services
    • Cash management
    • Customer care support
    • Fraud detection and addressing security issues
    • Maintaining Billing services
    • POS and e-Payment processing
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