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Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion Services
Data processing services
Data processing services
Data conversion services
Data conversion services
Data conversion services
Data conversion services
Data conversion services
Data conversion services

A2Z Data Entry provides all type of data entry services as well as data mining services , and data prcessing services ,specializing in data conversion services. Our clinically designed services will provide you with customized solutions at very affordable rates. We use exclusive tools and conversion techniques to perform complex data conversion services.

Our data conversion services include but are not limited to -

  1. Book Conversion Services
  2. A2Z Data Entry provides book conversion services that allow you to convert printed books, web-based articles, paper-based data and manuscripts to electronic formats such as e-books, e-research papers, e-zines, e-brochures and e-journals. Book conversion is one of the most revered data conversion services offered by us.

  3. Document Conversion Services
  4. A2Z Data Entry provides all sorts of document conversion services at most affordable rates. Our data conversion services team is capable of handling any type of document conversion. Our Document Conversion capabilities include but are not limited to TIFF to PDF, PSD to XHTML, Image Files to XHTML, DWG to JPG, any paper documents to digital files, PSP to PDF, Excel to HTML, and books to digital files.

  5. Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  6. Effective data management begins with the ability to track the data and update it as and when required. With the help of our Electronic Document Management you can effectively manage, search, and track any of their documents. One of the specially designed data conversion services , our EDM service enables you to store your data securely on your server. You can also organize the files and data as per your requirements.

  7. HTML Conversion Services
  8. Since the invention of internet HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) has been extensively used for making web pages. All the images, videos, text and anything else that has to be displayed on a webpage has to be converted into HTML in order to make it visible on website. Although most of our projects involve Microsoft Word to HTML conversion and PDF to HTML conversion, we also convert to and from all formats like Text Files, XML Files, RTF Files, PowerPoint Files, Flash Files, Image Files (TIFF, JPG, GIF, and PNG) and most types of databases.

  9. PDF Conversion Services
  10. This is our one of the most popular data conversion services . Our PDF conversion services provide quality conversions at a cost-effective price. We create searchable PDF format that is independent of operating systems and any particular PDF view application. It enables our clients to share information without any hassle.

  11. Word Formatting Services
  12. It has now become a trend to use artistically enhanced word documents for marketing and corporate communication. With the help of our Word formatting services you can make your word documents more impressive and use your precious time to tackle more important issues at hand.

  13. XML Conversion Services
  14. Many software platforms use XML file type. Extensible Markup Language or XML consists of valuable cross-platform syntax that allows information to be exchanged between different applications, software and operating systems etc. hence it is imperative to hire a professional data conversion services provider specializing in XML conversion. A2Z Data Entry can convert any type of data and documents into XML format.

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